The Importance of Organizing Books in School Libraries

feature-1One of the major function of a Librarian is “Organizing”, and from the world itself, organizing the books and all the materials being provided in the library are very important for the ease of the readers and all visitors of the library. Read More→

How to Manage A library

feature-2Managing a Library is no Different from managing a Business, there is a need for Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. Those are also the major jobs of the Librarians. Depends on how big or small the library is… Read More→

How to Build Your own Library

feature-3You’ve been slightly collecting books. They’re all over the place. You have shelves that will no longer hold books. So you have stacked in the room, in the living room, in the extra room, in the dining room. Books even grace the washroom and a couple of wardrobes. Read a decent book on the subject. Numerous such exist. Yet, don’t get overpowered. IF no authoritative list exists. Make your own. Read More→